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Rave Reviews!

“Termite Terry and their support staff members continue to impress us with their follow up on our calls, and prompt follow through on any treatment or repair work we have needed. Erik has been very professional, friendly, and supportive when […]

“Live Bee Acupuncture” Session Kills Woman

A woman was hoping to receive the healing effects of “bee acupuncture” but ended up dying from the treatment. The 55-year-old Spaniard was undergoing “apitherapy” for treatment of stress and muscle tightness. This is an alternative treatment for pain relief. […]

Fun Facts About The Indianapolis 500!

The Indianapolis 500 is called the “Greatest Spectacle In Racing”, and this year’s race will be held on May 27th. Here are some fun facts about this race: Construction of the famous 2.5-mile track started in 1909. It was built […]

President’s Economic Stimulus

Have you noticed that no one in Washington D.C. is talking about the need for more jobs or ways to improve our economy? Fortunately, President Termite Terry is still delivering on his campaign promises and he’s working hard on getting […]

Family Wins $1.6 Million Bedbug Case

A lawyer recently obtained a 1.6 million-dollar verdict for a family exposed to bedbugs. This was the largest verdict for a single family exposed to bedbugs. The attorney represented a family of four, including a 3-year old boy and a […]

Bathroom Hand Dryers Spraying Poop On Your Hands?

You’re concerned about your personal hygiene, so you wash your hands after you use the toilet. But, did you know that you’re literally “blowing it” when you use the bathroom’s hot-air hand dryer? A recent study by the University of […]

Remembering ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’

“I like intelligent women. When you go out, it shouldn’t be a staring contest.” Frank Sinatra, died on May 14, 1998

75 Years Ago . . .

On May 15, 1943, the American Broadcasting Company was founded. It launched its radio network on October 12th, and its TV network in 1948.

How To Schedule For Termite Treatments & Wood Repairs

Many homeowners in Orange County are going to be doing termite treatments, wood repairs, and home improvements this summer. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners do not have their work done in the proper order, and they wind up wasting a […]