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Four Dogs Killed By Bee Attack

A dog and her three puppies were killed after they were attacked by an angry swarm of bees. The dog’s owner and her landlord were also stung during the attack and had to be taken to a local hospital.

The bees were living in a hollowed-out tree, and officials believe that the dog may have aggravated them.

Fourteen Riverside County firefighters responded to the call. The Corona Fire Department was also there to assist. 800px-Bee_swarm_on_fallen_tree02

An eight-year-old girl, who is the granddaughter of the landlord, had to be rescued.

Scott Lane, a battalion chief from the Riverside County Fire Department said, “Firefighters suited up in their protective bee hoods and turnouts, went inside the residence and retrieved the eight-year-old female who was reunited with her mother without injury or incident. Firefighters used hose lines with Class A foam to hose the hive to try and minimize the impact of the bees as we removed the girl.” He went on to say that the foam works by suffocating the bees and forcing them to the ground.

This was not the first time that these bees went into an attack mode. The landlord’s son was also stung by these bees, several weeks earlier.

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