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How To Schedule For Termite Treatments & Wood Repairs

Many homeowners in Orange County are going to be doing termite treatments, wood repairs, and home improvements this summer. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners do not have their work done in the proper order, and they wind up wasting a tremendous amount of money.
The purpose of this article is to help you learn how to do things in a proper sequence, so you can avoid paying to have the same job done twice.
Let’s say you are thinking about replacing your old roof. Here are just a couple of the pitfalls a homeowner may face if things are not done in the proper order:

1. In our experience, 9 out of 10 homes we inspect with new roofs have had a new roof installed over old rotten and termite infested wood. This means that if the homeowner wants to replace the damaged wood at a later date, portions of their brand new roof may have to be removed. This will result in substantially greater costs and may void the warranty on your new roof.
2. Many homeowners fail to address their home’s termite problems or painting before installing a new roof. And many of these owners become very upset when they realize that termite crews and painters are going to have to walk on their new roof. You need to remember that some roofing materials can be hard to walk on without causing damage – especially tile roofs.

Thinking of having your home painted? Watch out, because you’ll find that a lot of painters are going to be in a big hurry to finish the job, and many of them will simply paint over old dryrot and termite damage. This is not good! The paint won’t stick and in a very short time, the paint will start flaking off in these damaged areas and your new paint job will be ruined. It also means that if you do decide to repair the wood damage at a later date, much of your new paint job will be thrown into the trash, and you’ll have to have your home repainted. House painting is so expensive. Why would you want to pay to have it painted twice?

Are you planning on having the flooring replaced in your home? There is no way that you can see what’s going on underneath your existing floors, and there may be termites and dryrot lurking in those areas. Unfortunately, most flooring installers are not trained to inspect the condition of your home’s slab or wood subflooring, and it is quite possible that they will install your new floor coverings right over one of these problem areas. Good flooring is not cheap, and it is a sad day when you see new flooring ripped up and thrown away, so that treatments and repairs can be done.

How To Prevent Headaches And Save Thousands Of Dollars

Call Termite Terry at (949) 631-7348 and have your home inspected before you start any work. Areas that need repairs will be noted, and if termite treatments are needed, you’ll learn of the different options you have available.
Schedule your work in sequence so you don’t wind up doing the same work twice. If you’re not sure about the order, call us and we’ll be glad to assist.

Here is a typical schedule
we suggest for homes that
are being re-roofed:

1. Call Termite Terry and order a termite inspection so you’ll know what is needed before you start the project.
2. Have your roofer remove the existing roof and have our carpenters replace all damaged wood as needed.
3. If a fumigation or termite treatment is needed, have it done at this time.
4. Have all the wood trim and exterior painted as needed.
5. Last, have your roofer install the new roof.
By doing things in this sequence, no one will need to go back on the roof again, and your home will be set to go for another decade!

For homes being painted, we suggest the following schedule:

1. Call Termite Terry and order a termite inspection so you’ll know what is needed before you start the project.
2. Have our carpenters replace all the dryrot and termite damage as needed.
3. If a fumigation or termite treatment is necessary, this is the time to do it.
4. Next is painting.
5. If roof repairs are needed, always have a roofer do this as your last project. You don’t want anyone walking on the roof after they are finished!

When flooring is being replaced, we suggest this schedule:

1. Call Termite Terry and order a termite inspection so you’ll know what is needed before you start the project.
2. Have your contractor remove all of the existing flooring, and then have us reinspect the slab and/or wood subflooring.
3. Have any repair work done on the slab or wood subflooring as necessary.
4. If termite treatment is needed, this is the time to do it.
5. Last, have your contractor install your new flooring.

Every situation is different, but these schedules work pretty well for most homeowners. They will save yourself a bunch of headaches and money, too!
Are you getting ready to start your home improvement project? Call us at (949) 631-7348 and we’ll schedule an inspection at your convenience!