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Four children died and six others had to be hospitalized because of what officials believe was a case of accidental poisoning.

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“Termite” Terry Singleton

A friend of the family arrived at this home at about 5am one morning. This person discovered that everyone in the home was ill and quickly called 911. First responders initially thought it was going to be a case of carbon monoxide poisoning but they later found out that these people had been exposed to phosphine gas.

Aluminum phosphide can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. This product usually comes in tablet form and once these tablets are exposed to moisture, they release phosphine gas which is highly toxic.

Officials believe that someone in this household was trying to kill mice and applied this product under the home. This person then used a water hose to spray down the aluminum phosphide tablets. The water set off the tablets and caused the release of phosphine gas.

No one knows how this person was able to get his hands on this aluminum phosphide because it is a restricted use pesticide that may only sold to specially licensed technicians.

The Fire Department Lieutenant said, “This is known, this happens across the United States and it’s when people get a hold of stuff they don’t know how to use and they don’t do enough research. If you’re going to apply chemicals to your house, have somebody that’s certified put these chemicals down and don’t put you family in harms way.”

You may be wondering if “Termite” Terry uses this product for rodent control. The answer is NO! It is against the law to use this stuff in a home. If you have a rodent problem, may I suggest that you have us seal off the holes where they are getting in. Then we’ll set out some “old fashioned” snap traps. Our strategy is not as exciting as “setting off a bomb” but it is a much safer way to control rodents and very effective.